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Hair Colour Trends To Try Out In 2023

Hair Colour Trends To Try Out In 2023

Hair Colour Trends To Try Out In 2023

A brand new year calls for a whole lot of new things, including trendy, fresh looks. It is the perfect excuse to lock in your hairdressing appointments to retouch grown-out roots with a unique and customized appearance that is bound to turn heads! With a whole host of hair highlights, balayage techniques, and trends just waiting to be experimented with, this is the best time to go big and bold with popular colours like ash shades and lilac purple!

Not sure what’s in and what was so last year? We bring you 5 bright and interesting colours you have to try out in 2023. 

1. Ear-Loop Peekaboo Highlights

Now you see it and now you don’t. Peekaboo highlights first started out as ‘inner colour’ where colour pigments are applied to the entire underlayer of the hair. But instead of having the full insides of your hair bursting with colours (which is just as beautiful), only the under-sections around your ears are lightened and dyed to a colour of your choice for the Ear-Loop Peekaboo Highlights (耳圈染).  This edgy and subtle hairstyle is called peekaboo highlights because they generally stay hidden until you tuck your hair behind your ears, or do a half-tie. 

It’s a favourite among many ladies simply because it is flexible, low maintenance, and adds flavour to our usual hair colouring. Small change, Big impact. This is a great option for those who want to try highlights in a fun yet subtle way. Some of the popular hair highlight colours include ashy blue, lavender, pinkish brown, beige and ash grey. 

2. Airtouch Balayage

Airtouch Balayage is a hair colouring technique that combines two popular techniques, balayage and Airtouch. Balayage involves painting the hair with colour pigments in a way that mimics the natural way the sun would lighten your hair. Airtouch on the other hand involves using a hair dryer to blow air through the hair pieces being sectioned out, giving you a more diffused and natural-looking blend of pigments. 

Airtouch balayage, therefore, uses the sweeping motion of balayage with the diffusing effect of Airtouch to create a harmonious, natural multi-dimensional blend of highlights. No matter if our customers’ hair is naturally straight, curly or wavy, this technique looks equally good on any hairstyle. Some popular air-touch balayage hair colours that are gaining traction in Singapore include rose pink, ash grey, ash blue, lavender, and beige. 

3. Tangerine Brown

As we dive deeper into the 90s fashion and beauty resurgence, one of our favourite hair colouring trends from our childhood that is making a bold comeback is the tangerine brown hue. While you may think that this is yet another boring brown colour, this pigment leans more towards golden orange, giving your overall appearance a pop of colour that is radiant and fresh. Not to mention, this sunny glow leaves your hair looking silky and glossy, making it the perfect colour for anyone with a warm undertone. 

4. Lilac Purple

When it comes to makeup, fashion and hair colour, purple has always been a popular shade of choice. This beautiful colour has long been associated with royalty and sporting the pastel version gives your look a softer yet chic vibe thanks to its silvery tones. Regardless of hair length, there are numerous ways you can rock a nice lilac-purple hue. You can either go full-on or with highlights, dip dyes or ombre to suit your personal preferences and style. 

There you have it! These colours and techniques are some of the biggest hair trends in 2023. If there are any particular styles or pigments that excite you, do book a consultation with our professional hair stylist at Black Hair Salon. We will be able to help you find the perfect shade that will complement your skin tone and hair type. Contact us to know more

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