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How To Keep Your Colour-Treated Hair Looking Radiant

How To Keep Your Colour-Treated Hair Looking Radiant

How To Keep Your Colour-Treated Hair Looking Radiant

If you need a little boost in confidence, one of the best ways to achieve it is by walking out of the salon with a fresh colour, whether it is a bold shade that would turn heads, a beautifully done balayage or a quick touch-up to cover up the greys and whites. However, to maintain those beautiful tresses for as long as you can, there are some tips and tricks involved.

When you colour your hair, a little tender loving care and extra effort can help your hair keep its natural shine, leaving your strands looking glorious and flawness until your next appointment. The key is to protect the colour pigment that was used on your hair. While this might sound technical, it is actually easy to do, especially with the right techniques. Here’s how!

1. Keep Your Coloured Hair Hydrated

Hair colouring opens up the molecules of the outer cuticles to allow the dye to enter the cortex and change the pigment. When this happens, the sebum that you produce does not travel down the strand which may cause your hair to lose moisture. Although hydrating shampoos and conditioners might help, it won’t be enough to replenish your hair with all the hydration required. You need extra oils, butter, conditioning polymers and other hydrating elements that you would find in a leave-in hair mask to help you form a protective barrier that prevents the pigments from leaving your hair, keeping your hair looking vibrant and shiny for a longer period of time.

You can either

  • Buy a hydrating leave-in hair mask that is specifically designed for coloured hair, or
  • Wash your hair less frequently, no more than 2 to 3 times a week as retaining the natural oils in your hair is the key to maintain that lustrous and glossy hair, or
  • Deep condition your hair with conditioners made for colour-treated hair at least once a week to protect your hair follicles and prevent the colour from fading, or
  • Visit us at Black Hair Salon for a more personalised hair treatment that is designed based on what your hair really needs.

Compared to a DIY hair mask and a general store-bought hair mask, hair salon treatments by professionals hydrate your colour-treated hair better as the ingredients used are of better quality and catered to the needs of your hair, leaving it vibrant for a longer time.

2. Pick The Right Shampoo

There is a reason why shampoos are manufactured differently. Some have ingredients that hydrate the hair while others are integrated with different oils that avoid breakage and strengthen the hair cuticles. For hair that is chemically coloured, you need the colour protective shampoo that protects the colour pigments in your hair, keeping your pastel, vivid or metallic shade looking beautiful and vibrant.

These shampoos are designed to preserve hair colour by using gentle ingredients that cleanse your hair without stripping out the colour with harsh detergents and chemicals. One way to be absolutely sure of the shampoo that you are purchasing is to first talk to our hairstylists at Black Hair Salon about the ingredients you should look for in a shampoo. With our experience and knowledge, we would be able to give you sound advice on a shampoo that would suit your hair highlights the best.

3. Avoid Using Heated Hair Tools

Excessing heat styling does more harm to your hair than good. Not only do they affect the overall health of your hair, but they can also cause your colour-treated hair to lose its vibrancy. Adding heat to your hair styling routine, from blow-drying to curling or even washing your hair under hot water, can cause your hair to lose its shiny lustre over time, giving it a dull, faded appearance.

If there is an absolute need for a heated hair tool, do not skip out on the heat protectant. The ingredients from these sprays reduce heat damage by creating a protective barrier between the hair and the heat.

Although this is not an exhaustive list of tips for maintaining coloured hair or balayage hair, it is a good place to start! By spending a little more time caring for your hair, you can rock any coloured hair you want while keeping your beautiful locks healthy. If you would like more information on how to take care of your coloured hair, do contact our professional stylists at Black Hair Salon today!

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