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How To Achieve Natural-Looking Straight and Frizz-Free Hair

How To Achieve Natural Looking Straight and Frizz Free Hair

How To Achieve Natural Looking Straight and Frizz Free Hair

Getting your hair to look sleek, straight and healthy at the same time can feel as challenging as solving a difficult maths equation. Although using hot styling tools and chemicals can tame your frizz, giving you that perfect silky hair for a short period of time, they can also lead to heat-damaged hair. Excessive heat styling dries out the natural lustre in the hair and makes it brittle, which in turn causes breakage. 

Frizzy hair is also more prone to environmental damage due to the lack of moisture in your strands and no thanks to our hot and humid climate, dry and frizzy hair is just something many of us have to put up with on a daily basis. If you are looking for ways to tame your unruly, lion’s mane, or simply to have easy-to-manage hair to reduce your daily routine, we have just the solution for you – our exclusive Signature StraightBond with Care+ Service (SSB).

Black Hair Salon’s Signature StraightBond with Care+ is a hair straightening treatment that uses a revolutionary superior solution to straighten hair as compared to the traditional Hair Rebonding service. It doesn’t require the opening of hair cuticles to change the bond/shape of your hair. Hence, it retains your hair lipids, resulting in healthier and shinier hair. In addition, Care+ works as an additional treatment that seals in moisture from the roots to the tips of your hair. This treatment not only promises smooth and frizz-free hair, but it also penetrates deep into your hair shaft, leaving your hair shiny and lustrous! 

Here are some benefits of opting for the Signature StraightBond with Care+ instead of the traditional Rebonding treatment. 

  1.  Straighten and Strengthen – Unlike regular Rebonding or soft Rebonding treatment, our SSB utilises Care+ which doubles as a smoothing hair treatment. This strengthens your hair while straightening it.

  2.  Brilliant Shine and Vibrancy – The Signature StraightBond with Care+ helps you achieve that frizz-free, smooth-as-silk tresses that would otherwise require you to spend hours with a hair straightener every morning. On top of that, it adds a stunning shine and vibrance to any dull-looking, lifeless hair.

  3.  Long-Lasting Effect – Our hair straightening service is a permanent treatment that gives you long-lasting frizz-free, straight hair. As the new hair with your original texture starts growing out, you can always opt for touch-ups to maintain that sleek texture!

  4.  Ideal for Long-Term Hair Health – Our superior and nourishing solution (unlike the traditional soft Rebonding solution) straightens your hair without opening its cuticle. Hence, it retains the hair lipids, leaving your hair healthier and shinier. 

  5.  Suitable for Most Hair TypesEven those with frizzy or mildly bleached hair (a hair assessment will be done by our professionals before advising on its suitability). Our hair straightening solution is designed to restore hair health, ensuring easy and convenient daily styling. This is recommended over traditional hair straightening methods like Hair Rebonding.

Apart from these amazing benefits, you can even ask the stylists at our hair salon to customise a curve-in at the ends of your hair to give you a natural look at no extra charge! So, if you are wishing for easy-to-manage hair for an effortless early morning styling routine, do check out our Signature StraightBond with Care+. Our stylists would be more than happy to walk you through the process to help you achieve the look you desire! Do contact us today to know more about our Hair Rebonding price as well! 

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